Our innovation

ColoPlus product is the first patented combined food product containing bioactivity from colostrum and nutrition. Proven clinical effect by international studies published worldwide.

The concept

The concept

  • Complete food product: contains macronutrients, micronutrients and dietary fibers
  • Enhanced health benefits through balanced colostral bioctivities like immunoglobulins,
  • Formulated into a matrix to protect bioactivities from fast digestion;
  • Taking advantage of bovine colostrum balanced by nature: carefully collected and processed;
  • Easy way to prepare: add some water and mix to a porridge;
  • Easy to transport, easy to store. No need for refrigerator.
Why a food product and not a capsule?

Why a food product and not a capsule?

  • Safe way to administrate colostral bioactivities (due to the matrix effect);
  • Controlled emptying of stomach by particle size, viscosity;
  • Decrease of release and dissolution rate of bioactivities, increase in time vs gastric exposure;
  • Effect starts already in the mouth and continues on mucus membrane of GI.
  • Prolonged therapy is achieved both through local and systemic effects;
  • Superior cost effective. 
International Patent granted

International Patent granted

  • Europe  x  6
  • Australia
  • India
  • New Zeeland
  • South Africa