About us

ColoPlus AB is a biotechnology company developing and commercialising highly effective functional food products with global commercial potential.

It traces its origins to highly respected research and development teams at Lund University Hospital. ColoPlus AB develops patented innovative nutraceutical food products based on bioactive properties of bovine colostrum and natural nutrition

Results from clinical studies of ColoPlus’ products must qualify for publication in a renowned medical journal before commercialisation.

Licensing to and collaboration with partners in the dairy and food industry is our business.

 Board - team

Lidia Elfstrand

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Technology, MSc Food Technology

Margareta Nilsson

Med.dr. h.c., Ekon.dr. h.c. (former Chairman of The Crafoord Foundation)

Göran Grosskopf

Jur. Phd, Ekon.dr. h.c. (former Chairman of Tetra Laval Group)

Anders Carlius

Senior Project Manager

Conny Hagman in memorian

It is with grief in our hearts that we announce the passing of Conny Hagman, one of the founders of ColoPlus AB, and also the CEO of the company from its founding to the year 2018.

Conny Hagman recognised early on that the product had potential in many areas, particularly in treatment of patients suffering with AIDS and in management of side effects associated with heavy cancer treatments. His engagement and work for the company established ColoPlus as an important product for strengthening the immune system, including leading to a breakthrough on the Indian market.

We will all remember Conny with warmth and gratitude for everything he has done for the company.

Thank you, Conny.

ColoPlus AB via The Board